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Domains & Technologies...

Customer Experience Management and Healthcare
HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Javascript and Javascript MVC
Android, iOS, Windows 8 and Apache Cordova
Python, Node.js, Java, SQL, and NoSQL


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Skills: Data Structures, Algorithms, Fundamentals of Programming Languages, Hadoop, HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, C, C++

About Us

"Our vision is to become the No. 1 company in customer centricity and innovation excellence."

"Our mission is to help our customers collect & organize their data, turn it into information and derive value from it."

Our Values

Customer Focus

Our purpose is to serve the customer.


Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

Sense of Urgency

Take action NOW that will move you towards your goals.

Team First

Team work makes the dream work.

Core Team

  • Bala CEO

    With 2 decades of product development experience at SUN, GE, AOL & Ozone Media, still codes passionately.

  • Subha Director

    A BITSian with 16 years of experience at Netscape, SUN & GE. Strongly believes in "Think Simple" and "Less is More".

  • Dev CMO

    Passionate about sales. Always has a single question in mind - How do I add value to my customer?


  • Raj Advisor

    An entrepreneur with 20+ yrs of experience in Healthcare, Financial, Internet and FMCG domains.